Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ITYWLTMT News and Notes for Tuesday 14 June

Change to the Podcast Schedule

I decided to make a change to my Podcast schedule for June – I hope you don’t mind…

I feel like a bit of a heel, actually. When I planned out my podcasts, I forgot that Sunday the 19th was Father’s Day. Since I did make a point of providing a montage for Mother’s Day a month ago, I think it’ only fair that I give father’s equal time.

So my previously scheduled podcast “The Museum”, featuring Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition will be slotted later this summer – as I see it, probably in late August, as I have a major series planned for July and 
August on Musical Holidays.

For the last week, I’ve been looking at what I could do for Father’s Day, and I thought I could just do a “bonus” montage off of Internet links, but after doing some thinking, there were a couple of selections I could not find on the Internet. The line-up is taking shape, and I’m confident I can put something together in time. Besides, I’m on travel this week and have lots of spare time in the evening…

Changes to mid-week Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I joined TalkClasical, a site that hosts forums, discussions and blogs on Classical Music. In fact, I’ve already created a couple of “original” blog posts on my TC Blog:

So far, I’ve based most of my blog posts on discussions I partake in on the site, which is a good way of putting out material that aligns with active topics on the TC forums. Also, I like the idea of “cross-pollenation” between here and TC.

I thought that, for the summer at least, I would change my blog “battle rhythm” and post my Tuesday blog on TC, with an appropriate “teaser” of things to be posted on Friday for my musical montages. I’d like to try this for awhile, and see how it goes. I will continue to post news and notes on this site during the week, as appropriate.

My next “project” is to set-up a French Classical Music blog, re-using some of the montages that I already produced. I hope to find a site like TC in French – no luck so far. I want to set something up in French, likely in the Fall.

Mon prochain projet est d’établir un blogue sur la musique classique en français, qui peut prendre avantage des baladodiffusions et montages que j’ai déjà créés. Jusqu’à maintenant, je n’ai pas trouvé de forun internet sur la musique classique qui supporte les blogues (comme TalkClassical le fait en anglais). J’ai pleinement l’intention d’établir un blogue en français cet automne.