Sunday, June 26, 2011


Podcast Schedule
Our Friday blog line-up and podcasts look like this:

  •         July 1st – “Canada Day”
  •        July 8 – “Cowboy Classics”
Starting July 15th, we will embark in a 5-week series that I will call “Musical Holidays”, as we feature music inspired by travels to areas throughout Europe, and feature one “home grown” major work for each area

  •          July 15 – “A Musical Holiday in Spain”
  •         July 22 – “A Musical Holiday in France”
  •          July29 – “Mozart’s European Holiday”, an Internet-link podcast featuring three Mozart symphonies named after European cities.
In parallel, on our Tuesday blog on TalkClassical, we will feature String Quartets from our holiday stops. Read more on the series the week of July 11 and on the String Quartet series July 5th on TC.
ITYWLTMT “en Français”
As I stated in one of my earlier “News and Notes” posts, I have been working on a new project to provide my blog and platforms to French-speaking classical music lovers. Phase 1 of the project is going to come on line July 1st.
As my initial go at it, I will turn ITYWLTMT into a "bilingual" blog, with both French and English posts. For the first couple of weeks, most of my French posts will “orient” our French readers to what’s on the blog, where to find things, and will provide a few selected “translations” of posts we’ve made in the last three months.
(BTW: if you have suggestions of “favourites” I should translate, please let me know…)
My cunning plan is to start posting our Friday podcast blogs in both languages starting with the upcoming “Musical Holidays” series July 15th.

Have a great week, and don't forget to check out my Tuesday blog on TC, which will illustrate "poems and music".