Friday, August 14, 2020

Mendelssohn & Mendelssohn: Trios


This montage from our Podcast Vault revisits a post from January 9, 2015. It can be found in our archives at


This week’s throwback montage is brought to you  by the letter “M” as in Mendelssohn – for the brother and sister duo of Felix and Fanny.

The works featured today are all piano trios – two by Felix, and one by Fanny.  Like her brother, Fanny received a thorough musical education from teachers including her mother, Ludwig Berger, and Carl Friedrich Zelter. Due to social conventions of the time about the roles of women, a number of her works were published under her brother's name in his Opus 8 and 9 collections. Some fifteen years after marrying the artist Wilhelm Hensel and despite the continuing ambivalence of her family towards her musical ambitions, Fanny Hensel published a collection of songs as her Opus 1. The next year, she suddenly died of a stroke. In all, she composed over 460 pieces of music, including over 125 pieces for the piano, and over 250 lieder, most of which went unpublished in her lifetime.

As our bonus material this week, I discovered a pair of Konzertstück (concert pieces) for the trio combination of clarinet, basset horn and piano by Felix Mendelssohn – his opus 113 and 114, respectively. These works are performed by local Paris artists.

Felix Mendelssohn: Konzertstück n°1 op. 113

Felix Mendelssohn: Konzertstück n°2 op. 114

I think you will (still) love this music too.

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