Sunday, October 1, 2017

Programming - October, November & December 2017


Already the last quarter of 2017 - 13 more weeks to go. Sure flies by, doesn't it!3

On our radar for this final quarter is the end of the first tranche of Project 366, and the launch of Part 2 and a fresh set of 122 Listener Guides. More about Part 2 in November.

Friday Blog and Podcast:

  • October - Podcasts featuring Mozart (NEW PODCAST) and Salieri (NEW PODCAST)
  • November - An "In Memoriam" podcast featuring Sir Jeffrey Tate (NEW PODCAST) and the music of Ieland's John Field (NEW PODCAST)
  • December - a pair of piano legends in Edwin Fischer playing Bach  (NEW PODCAST) and Rudolf Serkin  playing Beethoven (NEW PODCAST)
  • Our last post in December will be our annual Year in Review featuring our compilation of YouTube favourites.
Tuesday Blog (TalkClassical):
  • Cover 2 Cover - Schubert Lieder with the late great Gundula Janowitz (PTB)
  • Once Upon the Internet - J. S. Bach Keyboard suites (MP3.COM, PTB) and Beethoven "Live" (LiberMusica, PTB)
  • Vinytl's Revenge - Mozart Piano Concertos (PTB), Rachmaninov's Second Symphony and Symphonic Dances (PTB) and Holst's Planets (PTB)
  • Bonus Montage for the 5th Tuesday (October) - Symphonic Stravinsky (PTB)

The Flying Dutchman (Wagner, OTF). Other opera posts TBA, time permitting.

I will update this page if programming changes in the coming weeks, and also look for unannounced “repatriated” posts from our PTB and OTF series.

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