Thursday, March 31, 2016

Programming for April - June 2016


Per our new programming policy, I’m going to steer clear of “commitment dates” for my blog and podcast posts, to give me more flexibility.  So far, this has worked well, and we have kept pretty much to a bi-monthly Blog and Podcast, as well as bi-monthly Tuesday Blogs. Again this quarter, I don't foresee a return to opera posts, but I sense we may resume these in the Fall.

April is when I will be launching Project 366, my long-teased new adventure. Expect that once a month, on a Sunday, I will issue an installment of that project. More on the Project 366 page.

  • To launch Project 366, and to celebrate Year 5 of ITYW:TMT< I plan an encore Blog and Podcast of our two-part Musical Alphabet. Montages no. 1 and 2 from the montage series. Few of you may have heard thses, so this will be a fun way to kick off this new project (ENCORE PODCAST)
  • To feed Project 366, I plan podcasts that are aligned with the first few installments. These include:
    • A podcast of waltzes for piano (NEW PODCAST)
    • A Vinyl's Revenge post of Daniel Barenboim conducting the Tchaikovsky and Dvorak serenades for strings (PTB)
    • Marie-Claire Alain performing French organ repertoire (NEW PODCAST)
    • A podcast featuring all sorts of quartet combinations (NEW PODCAST)
    • A podcast featuring "large chamber" combinations - octets and nonets (NEW PODCAST)
    • A podcast of music for wind band (NEW PODCAST)
    • A nostalgic return for some chamber music at the Gardner Museum (PTB)
  • A podcast celebrating Earth Day, featuring Mahler's Song of the Earth (NEW PODCAST)
  •  A pair of Tuesday Blogs will explore "the concert experience", with a vintage concert broadcast from the 1980s (PTB) and "Amateur Night" at Harvard University (PTB).
  •  More Vinyl’s Revenge – a vintage recording of Richard Strauss favourites conducted by Karl Bohm (PTB) and a vintage recording of some of the incidental music from Peer Gynt featuring Vaclav Neumann (PTB).

I will update this page if programming changes in the coming weeks, and also look for unannounced “repatriated” posts from our PTB and OTF series.

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