Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Programming Notes for January-March 2016


As I stated in my 2015 Year In Review post, for the next little while I’m going to steer clear of “commitment dates” for my blog and podcast posts, to give me more flexibility as I progress a new project that will be unveiled after Earster.

Here are some of the posts I have planned in the coming months – sorry Opera Fans, nothing slated here for OTF on OperaLively.

  • I am planning a two—part series where I will program all four of Brahms’ chamber works for clarinet – the two sonatas for clarinet and piano, the clarinet trio and the clarinet quintet. The sonatas and trio are part of a Once Upon the Internet post, and the quintet is programmed as part of a montage on clarinet quintets (along with quintets by Weber and Coleridge-Taylor). (PTB and NEW PODCAST)
  •  Segue from the trio combination proposed by Brahms, a look at the “Jazz Trio” (piano/bass/drums) in both a jazz-swing setting (with the Oscar Peterson Trio) and the “Play Bach” experiment by Jacques Loussier and friends. (PTB and NEW PODCAST). 
  • Another segue off the quintet theme will explore a pair of piano quintets by Pierné and Schubert (NEW PODCAST).
  •  A pair of Tuesday Blogs will explore old MP3.COM downloads featuring solo piano music by Tchaikovsky and Chopin.
  •  More Vinyl’s Revenge – great vintage album featuring Henryk Szeryng (Mozart violin concertos).
  • A look at the Classical Symphony (NEW PODCAST)
  •  The Music of Lent – an organ music montage featuring Bach, Sweelinck and Buxtehude, Bach’s great Mass in B Minor (NEW PODCAST and PTB)
  •  A short homage to Otto Klemperer – a vintage vinyl recording of two Schubert symphonies and – on Easter Sunday – Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony (PTB and NEW PODCAST)

I will update this page if programming changes in the coming weeks, and also to include links to “repatriated” posts from our PTB and OTF series.

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