Sunday, January 15, 2012

Opera Lively is open for business!

En français:

For about 6 weeks now, I have been a beta-user of a new Opera Community of Interest which is now open for business for all to join as of today - Opera Lively.

The people whoi run Opera Lively are cyber-acquaintances that I have made through my involvement with TalkClassical. In fact, the principal operator of the site was instrumental in nurturing the modest opera sub-forum at TC. A true opera enthusiast, he shares his vision for the site in what he calls the Opera Lively manifesto - here is a PDF copy of this manifesto as it was originally formulated during the early beta days of the site:

Opera- Lively

(UPDATE: New flyer at

There are some great features to the site:

Opera in Depth is a set of articles that provide great insight into a particular opera. The first Opera in Depth feature that was developed during the beta days is around La Traviata.

The Discussion forums provide opportunities to talk opera and non-operatic topics as well. A further discussion area promoters discussions in other languages, notably Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French. This, I believe is unique to Opera Lively and worth investigating, especially if English is not your mother tongue.

As for me, I have been making contributions to discussions and providing either "encore" articles from Pierre's Tuesday Blog as well as original musings under the generic title "Once or Twice a Fortnight". Here are a few links to some of the musings I contributed during the beta phase:

Consider this my personal invitation to surf the Opera Lively site and maybe join us in the discussion!

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