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ITYWLTMT offers a very varied content, and in this page I'd like to set the stage and provide some basic guidance on what you will find here musically speaking...

Our written content

If you look hard enough, you will find anywhere between 400 and 500 posts and articles we've written. Lots of it is on our three main platforms (here, the Tuesday Blog and Once or Twice a Fortnight).

There are also threads on TalkClassical, OperaLively and MQCD Musique Classique (in French).

Because of the nature of how I do things, the posts - ler's call them "commentaries" - purposely provide a slant against the theme (or thematic arc) that I am exploring at the time. There are also ad-oc posts about relevant events, or personal anecdotes, the kind of things you'd expect on a blog.

Keep in mind I'm a blogger and not a n author, nor do I pretend to be a musical authority or even gifted when it comes to creative writing. What you get is researched but at times unvarnished. Again, Ithink that's the "norm" when it comes to blogging; I try not to tell lies or make statements that would make me appear stupid, but it doesn't mean that I'm beyond the odd typo, or bad simile...

Our Music Content

When it comes to the music I use to illustrate my thoughts and themes, they fall into two main large buckets: downloads and open content.

Open content refers to on-line source material that one can find on the Internet: mainly videos and digital track material hyper linked from Internet Music Libraries. For the most part, I do not control the conetnt, and so my usual diclaimer applies (Read the disclaimer here).

When it comes to downloads, I mean either the Friday Podcast montages and tracks I have purposely posted on the Internet Archive for Once Upon the Internet posts and some opera performances.

How to find our content

In general, if we wrote a commentary, you will find the link to the musical illustration. As a policy, ITIWLTMT posts "embed" the musical content with a clickable playlist, FLASH player or (when they are available) our Pod-O-Matic mufti-track player.

Other platforms will provide a link or -if possible - I will embed a video.

Since we began in 2011, we have made available hundreds of hors (hundreds of GB) of music on the web, and I have catalogued this content in directories which I update yearly. Blow are some hot links to some of these directories dating December 2013:

ITYWLTMT Podcast Directory (Includes Works, alphabetically by composer) - PDF XLS
Once Upon the Internet Playlist Directory (Includes Works, alphabetically by composer) - PDF XLS

Themes and Arcs

ITYWLTMT (and its companon platforms) are thematic, which means that we make musical selections that are related to a specific common idea. Also, as we set-up these themes for a given month, the themes contribute to a larger arc. Though it is not always the case, some of these arcs have some "pages" within the blog, with embedded content and links to individual commentaries. Here are a few for you to visit:
Themes and arcs are also discussed in our monthly programming pages, which are labelled "Programming/Programmation".

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