Tuesday, January 4, 2022

A LA CARTE #4- Prokofiev à la carte


We are repurposing the music from a Vinyl's Revenge post of 23 August 2016 as a new montage in our ongoing A la Carte series on For Your Listening Pleasure.

The following notes are an update. 

The original post, featuring balletmusic by Prokofiev, is being “mashed up” into a new programme by adding another Prokofiev ballet.

Cinderella is one of Prokofiev's most popular and melodious compositions, and has inspired a great many choreographers since its inception. The piece was composed between 1940 and 1944. Part way through writing it Prokofiev broke off to write his opera War and Peace.

Cinderella is notable for its jubilant music, lush scenery, and for the comic double-roles of the stepmother and the two stepsisters (which can be performed in travesti), more mad than bad in this treatment.

Sergey PROKOFIEV (1891-1953)
Romeo and Juliet (Ромео и Джульетта), Op. 64
Selections from suites op. 64bis & ter
New York Philharmonic
Dimitri Mitropoulos, conducting

Cinderella, Op.87 (Highlights)
1 Introduction
3 Cinderella
12 Spring Fairy
13 Summer Fairy
14 Grasshoppers And Dragonflies
15 Autumn Fairy
16 Winter Fairy
31 Promenade 1:36
32 Cinderella's Dance
33 Dance Of The Prince
37 Waltz-Coda 1:36
38 Midnight
45 Cinderella's Awakening
50 Amoroso: The Prince And Cinderella
The Cleveland Orchestra
Vladimir Ashkenazy, conducting

Archive Page - https://archive.org/details/alc-04

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