Saturday, April 1, 2017

Quarterly Programming for April-June 2017


Highlights for this quarter include a couple of Lenten selections, the start of a series on Mozart’s late piano concertos, a pair of “Robert Johnsons” and our 250th montage (which, as we do when we hit a multiple of 50, is an extended play podcast). Here we go:

Friday Blog and Podcast:

  • A pair of one-work montages: Busoni’s Piano Concerto (NEWPODCAST) and the Turangalîla Symphony (NEW PODCAST)
  • Early and classical-era music favourites by Anonymous (NEWPODCAST), an assortment of classical works (NEW PODCAST
  • A look at the legacy of Igor Markevitch (NEW PODCAST)
  • Our 250th montage, dedicated to “Unfinished” symphonies (NEW PODCAST)
  • In time for Canada’s 150th birthday, a tribute to Oscar Peterson (NEW PODCAST)

Tuesday Blog (TalkClassical):

  • Cover 2 Cover: Organ Masters Before Bach (PTB), Lute Music by Renaissance composer Robert Johnson (PTB)
  • Vinyl’s Revenge: Two competing versions of Ravel’s Bolero (PTB), Delta Blues standards performed by Robert Johnson (PTB) and Jeffrey Tate conducts Schubert (PTB)
  • Once Upon the Internet: Hermann Scherchen conducts three of Haydn’s London Symphonies (PTB)
  • Our Bonus 5th Tuesday montage for the quarter: Haydn at the keyboard (NEW PODCAST)


L’Heure Espagnole (Ravel, OTF), Tristan und Isolde  (Wagner, OTF).

I will update this page if programming changes in the coming weeks, and also look for unannounced “repatriated” posts from our PTB and OTF series.

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