Tuesday, July 1, 2014

*** Don't Be Alarmed - Blog Mainetance ***

As we are slowing down our activities for the Summer, I will take the opportunity to give the blog an overdue facelift. Here are some of the things that will happen over the Summer:

The Blog Template will change - here is a preview of what it will look like

("Live" Demo: http://btemplates.com/2013/blogger-template-dcm-dark/demo/)

I hope this "new look" will translate well for our mobile users, which have let it be known some of the colours and fonts don't render well.

I will also update some of the "static" page contents, which hasn't been done probably since the very beginning. I will model these after my French blog.

As for some of the blog labels, hot links and other assorted gadgets on the web page, these will get cleaned up.

As for disruptions, I hope the "transition" between templates will be straight forward, but this is the one step that could put us off-line for an hour or so. I will probably do that first... The rest of the changes should not be disruptive at all - maybe annoying though...

As always, I will look forward to some feedback from you on the "new look" and will make adjustments accordingly.

Keep Smiling!


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