Friday, April 9, 2021

Digital Vinyl

This montage from our Podcast Vault revisits a post from April 29, 2011. It can be found in our archives at

Because we were busy last week with some Lenten/Easter programming, I didn’t bring up that on April 1st we marked our tenth anniversary of blogs and montages on ITYWLTMT, and that in a couple of months the same will be true of our other blogging and musical sharing platforms.

This coming weekend, we will be programing our “Musical Alphabet” montages which were our first and second installments. Today’s montage, the fourth in our ongoing series which counts today well 354, was made up entirely of selections from my vinyl collection, some were even digitized using homemade techniques – which were discussed on another contemporaneous post which discussed this in more specific terms. Since those days, I have since found digital copies of most (if not all) of the tracks on today’s montage, though for nostalgia sake, I have not re-edited the montage to replace some of my original handy work!

In the original post, I make specific reference to the album Saga by pianist and “pseudo-classical” composer André Gagnon (the quote is attributable to the performer, actually). I managed to fimnd the entire album (save for one track) as a playlist on the artists’s YouTube Topic page. I luckily found the missing track and created a more complete playlist that I share today as our bonus filler.

I think you will (still) love this music too!

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